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How To Solve Sliders Easily


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For some people the sliders in this game might be scary and difficult, some may even give up before they even try. Some are just bored about how long it takes to solve them. Since I didn't find them hard and actually completed most of them within a pretty short time (usually way lower than the jigsaw, even though even those went fast) then I wanted to write a guide with some tips on how to solve them much faster.


How to find the correct piece

1. Let the square you want to fill be empty.

2. Press :square: to see the solution, and flicker back and forth till you find the piece that you need to fill the square with. This makes it MUCH easier to see what the piece you are looking for actually looks like! If it is hard to tell the difference between two pieces, then adjust the settings on your tv screen.

3. Push the pieces around till you get the piece you think is correct to the correct square.

4. Again press :square: to see the solution, and so you can compare to make absolutely sure it's correct.


How to fill the entire board

1. On all the sliders in the game, the bottom left corner is empty, so then we start with the opposite side. I usually start pushing all the correct pieces onto the top line, but you can also do the right side, what corner you start in doesn't matter as long as it's not the bottom left.

2. Fill the board with top lines and right sided line till you are left with only a 2x2 square in the bottom left corner with one empty square, and then it's just to push them around in "circle" till it's complete. If this doesn't work, which I've never experienced, then just involve 2 more squares, so it's a 2x3 square of pieces you move around. Just do it a bit on random, and then try to solve it again.

(With other words: Just fill the board line by line, till you are left with a 2x2 square in the bottom left corner)


How to fill the last two pieces in a line

1. Find both of the correct pieces, and move one of them out of the 2x2 square, which contains the two squares (1x2) you want to place the pieces in and the two (1x2) below/on the left.

2. Now place the piece that wasn't taken out of the 2x2 square on the square the piece that was taken out of the 2x2 square belongs.

3. Then move the piece that was left outside to the position below/on the left, (same below/on the the left as in step 2), without moving the other piece that is on the wrong square.

4. Now move those 2 pieces around in a "circle" till you get them both on their correct square, as that should happen now if you move those two pieces in a "circle" in the 2x2 square.




If you got any questions, please let me know, but I think if you are able to understand the above guide it should make it very simple to solve all the sliders easily.

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