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Hello and welcome to my trophy checklist  :lol:  some of you may know me by my other PSN ID which is AWetRaccoon but I have decided to start over today because as it turns out I played a game without doing my research and the game happens to be impossible to platinum which in turn set off my OCD.  I did not start over because a game was too difficult or time consuming just the fact a game was impossible to even play (looking at you Mercenaries 2).  I have no Platinums as of yet seeing as I just made this account an hour ago but hopefully you will all support me and follow my journey.  :D   Thank You and feel free to browse my backlog in the meantime while you wait for the platinums and 100% to start rolling in.




:platinum: #1 Bioshock

Completed on February 2nd 2015

11.74% Rare





:platinum: #2 The Sims 3

Completed on February 8th 2015

4.50% Ultra Rare






The Sushi Bar (Undergoing Renovations)



Game                                          Percentage


Afrika                                          Not Yet Started

Assassins Creed II                     Not Yet Started

Asassins Creed Brotherhood    Not Yet Started

Assassins Creed Revelations    Not Yet Started

Assassins Creed III                    Not Yet Started

Batman Arkham Asylum            Not Yet Started

Batman Arkham City                  Not Yet Started

Bioshock  :platinum:                                       84%

Bioshock II                                 Not Yet Started

Bioshock infinite                        Not Yet Started

Borderlands 2                            Not Yet Started

Call of Duty World at War          Not Yet Started

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2  Not Yet Started

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3  Not Yet Started

Call of Duty Classic                   Not Yet Started

Crysis                                         Not Yet Started

Dead Space                               Not Yet Started

Dead Space 2                            Not Yet Started

Demons Souls                           Not Yet Started

Diablo III                                    Not Yet Started

Dishonored                               Not Yet Started

Fallout 3                                    Not Yet Started

Fallout: New Vegas                  Not Yet Started

God of War                              Not Yet Started

God of War 2                           Not Yet Started

God of War 3                           Not Yet Started

God of War Ascension            Not Yet Started

Jak and Daxter                        Not Yet Started

Jak II                                        Not Yet Started

Jak III                                       Not Yet Started

Medal of Honor Frontline         Not Yet Started

Medal of Honor                       Not Yet Started

Medal of Honor Warfighter      Not Yet Started

Minecraft                                 Not Yet Started

Payday 2                                 Not Yet Started

Resistance 3                           Not Yet Started

Saboteur                                 Not Yet Started

Sims 3                                              23%

Sims 3 Pets                            Not Yet Started

Skyrim                                    Not Yet Started

XCOM: Enemy Unknown       Not Yet Started

XCOM: Enemy Within            Not Yet Started



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Just an update for the folks following my new account progress,


I'am still working on creating my backlog while playing games at the same time and reseraching new games so please bear with with the slow production of my backlog.


Started The Sims 3 which is currently at 22% completion and Bioshock 1 which is at 25% completion.


Any tips or comments feel free to leave a post  :lol:

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Thank you for the feedback. To be honest there were other reasons behind starting a new account that was one of a few and I did not think of hiding the game at the time,  I am not too worried about re accomplishing the games from my other account its a fresh start and can say I will not have Jurassic: The Hunted attached to this account that game in my opinion was very painful to play through.

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