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The Evil Within: The Assignment - Official Trailer and Date Launch March 10


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Seriously what?  That I mentioned Outlast in the same post as The Evil Within?  Yeah I know, pretty fucked up.   :blink:      So excited for this regardles

i meant as a seriuosly question to mysefl xD hahah, sorry. i know you will prevail, its a awesome dlc and a wonderful start for Kidsman story 

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Was wondering if anyone else has noticed this?  For the you only need axe trophy I used the lure enemies command with joseph and proceed to dispatch him in 3 hits, using no electronic devices.  I read somewhere also or in the trophy description about noise making devices or something, could that be the command I'm talking about?  The square button?  


I was surprised I didn't get the trophy.  Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who might have or had this happen.

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On 28/6/2020 at 0:12 AM, moviefan224 said:

Regarding SilkyJay's post: I had the same issue. I only hit Joseph using the axe,  using no electronic devices. I didn't even lure Joseph, like SilkyJay did. The trophy just didn't pop. Has anyone else had this happen?

no problem with that. Trophy popped up some minutes ago. 

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