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Soul Sacrifice Delta trophies in Japanese

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I recently got SSD in the flash sale, and I noticed while the trophies are in English when I go to the game's page, they are in Japanese in my trophy adviser.  When I look at the profiles of recent players I see they are earning them in Japanese as well.


I saw in another thread that people have had this issue when their system is not set to English during the install/first run, but mine should be (can't check ATM, but I'm pretty confident) so I don't think it's that.  Any ideas what's going on?

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The trophies are being shown in the default language of the set on the trophy advisor, in this case Japanese, because the Western and Japanese releases use the same trophy list. This is a common occurrence with games released in Japan first then localized in the West. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus has the same problem on my profile.. It's not really a problem though in my opinion, because it lends my profile an international flavor.

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