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Eli_Bloodthirst and the tales of grind (platinum list)

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Bio: Hello my name is Eli and I've been gaming ever since I could walk, some of my earliest memories was playing quake and civilisation 2 with my dad and furthermore the playstation 1, I've always played on playstations (as well as Nintendo stuff) and I've never really looked back on it. When I got a Playstation 3 back at release I never had an internet connection that could hold a ps3 account so I never really went on anything like that until I got a proper wired internet connection back in 2011. 


Since then I've been playing games thoroughly, not to platinum at first but it all changed in 2012 and I play a lot of games a few times around. My ethos really isn't that everything must be platinumed but I go for games that I enjoy enough to platinum, platinumed so a lot of games I have gone back to after the initial gameplay. Also unfortunately because of my living status is half and half between countries I'm not always available to play games but alas now onto the platinums.


2012 40-platinum.png - 1

1Sd5873b.pngportal 2- 7.89% 

The first game I ever enjoyed enough to since an internet connection, I spammed myself so much on this game and I would of platinumed it sooner if not for the professor portal. Still it's gotta be one of my favourite games to date



2013 40-platinum.png- 7

1S608d9e.png Lollipop chainsaw - 15.45%


I was addicted to this back when I got it, I played it multiple times and even got rank 57 in the world (time trial, normal, prologue). I would of continued playing it a lot getting it on all maps but my game data got corrupt


1Scc9431.pngPlaystation All-stars Battle Royal - 15.85%


I completed this because I was binge playing it with my mates after Christmas, I'm pretty terrible at this and I have no idea how I platinumed it, oh wait yes I do. It was easy. 15.85% rarity makes me facepalm if you got this in the early days of the game.


 1S0ced04.png Enslaved: Odyssey to the west - 14.04%


My Dad let me borrow his copy when he visited down, I completed the campaign and had so much and enjoyed the campaign enough to play it again on hard.


 1Sbc9759.png Terminator Salvation - 61.89%


I'm a disgusting person. I borrowed the game forgetting I owned it, platinumed it. Doesn't matter still scum.


1S171484.pngTomb Raider - 6.67%


Probably one of my most deserved platinums to be fair, I worked incredibly hard one this, especially on the online. I mastered the pistol on this game to the point where I could start outgunning users that had the mini gun. The online was also mega fun but the servers were empty most of the time :(


1S501377.png Far Cry 3 - 21.18%


Me and my brother decided to co-op this at some point and I ended up completing the single player by the time he got around to it :3


1Sc1bc3b.png Grid 2 - 5.40%


Funny story really, I went to a preview show for this game with my mate and I ended up getting the copy early and my mate won a copy early, so I started playing it and eventually, god knows how. I platinumed it. The online I was horrendous though, I'm terrible at racing games and some of these things I achieved I have no idea how I possibly did.


2014 40-platinum.png- 3 (Yeah, 3 lol)

1S3e0740.png Borderlands - 21.46%


Me and my brother just screwed around on this and ended up completing it, tried the same on borderlands 2 after and failed haha.


1Sc967f2.png Bioshock Infinite - 8.88%


This game was hilarious, I originally played the game on normal but then I had to give my brother my game so I waited until he was done and I myself played it on hard, I didn't play it again because my girlfriend came over so I forgot about it, back in april I though well I might as well complete it and I did, no biggie. Was super fun. 


1Sa2891b.png The Walking dead - 52.66%


Easy platinum is easy but alas, same sorta problems with myself, was gone all summer with my girlfriend so I never got to play until sept. I really loved the story and I've played it again.


2015 (so far) 40-platinum.png- 6

1S999c41.png Grand Theft Auto 5 - 2.30%


This platinum is such a huge grind, I spent about 400 hours on this game since it came out (in patches of course) and I was so relieved when I was done. I probably won't even pick the game up again, still I had a lot of fun.


1S6a6ba6.png Catherine - 1.25%


Honestly, not even going to lie but people call this hard and it was. Until I got addicted to this game and I played this game so many times over. The only thing in this game I found difficult was the second half of rapunzel and obelisk stage in babel (which I still think is hard, I've only completed it twice whereas every other stage I have multiple times). It's still fun, I've beaten them so fast and much I'm ~47th in the world on ps3 (not to blow my own trumpet :P.


Ohhh and I gotta do that Babel thread at some point haha.


1S587ae3.png Battlefield 4 - 5.28% 


Played online and campaign a bit back in oct, yeah this is cool. Re-played it after platinuming Catherine and it seemed so easy to platinum so I just did. Don't regret. Oh and if you want an easy platinum, here it is. This is easy.


1S61800c.png Assassins Creed 2 - 29.07%


Played it originally, got most of the way in but got stuck and decided meh whatever I'll get around to it later. Well I got a ps3 slim after that and forgot about the game until after I was done with bf4. All I needed as a few miscellaneous ones anyway, ended up easy xDD


1S0a8f1e.png Minecraft - 18.09%


Minecraft... Well, I played it. Lost my seed, did not want to start again, end up crying so much over enderman not dropping enderpearls. Beat enderdragon first try lmao. Still minecraft just, cry.


1Sa73303.png DmC: Devil may Cry - 6.97%


Played it three different occasions, got better each try. Boy was I perfect by the end. Furnace of souls is a dick and its platforming is awful


I guess that's it for my platinums so far.


If I had to say my favourite I would say it is Catherine and if I had to suggest an easy platinum but is rare I would suggest to you Battlefield 4


I'll update, reformat and add more later. This is it for now, thanks for popping by :)

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