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Looking for gamers to Form Tight Heists Crew ....


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whats up guys well I'm just about had it with trying to get random crews together and praying that whoever joins has a mic, speaks English, knows how to play, is allowed up past 9pm, actually wants to COMPLETE THE HEISTS and Bonuses and the list could go on and on ad infinitely.


So I'd like to get a group together of guys (or gals) that wanna play the jobs like professionals, with mics and using them, having a time set aside we can all make sure we'll be on and be able to play and get good at completing the different heists, practicing each one and trying out all the different roles. I'd really love to get the Bonuses and trophies. 


So I'm in the US, East Coast so my time zone is EST, my play schedule is very flexible and I can play almost anytime

My PSN is walkbyfaith76 you can message me on here or there. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Jay

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