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Kaspersky safe browsing.

Tomoko Kuroki

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So I got kaspersky recently since it was for 3 computers anyway. But the safe browsing feature, which shows green icons near links on google for example, stopped appearing, in my extensions I have kaspersky protection enabled but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Thought maybe it was adblock so I disabled adblock but it didn't change anything. I got used to the feature so I want it back xD

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I use Kaspersky and the said plugin here as well and it works just fine, I'm aware the suggestion I'll give seems really generic but have you tried to reinstall the plugin/add-on?


Also what browser are you using, it seems they dropped the plugin's support for some of them such as Firefox. If you are using Chromium/Chrome then it might have a way to fix this problem.

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Not to sound like a douche, but have you tried restarting your computer?

I do work study as Client Service Technical Support to make some quick bucks at my college and that solves about half the problems.


As mentioned above, you can also trying reinstalling the plugin. 

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Yeah thanks for link I found out eventually, but still, didn't fix the problem. It worked once out of nowhere, then I did refresh and now it doesnt work anymore. And when I go in kaspersky settings, enable URL advisor is on


Edit : Well I eventually ended up simply giving up on chrome, apparently the new updates of chrome don't support url advisor. So I switched to firefox, which I haven't used in YEARS. I still like it, but I gotta get use to it and look at the add-ons they got

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