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Quitting to level select


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I've been doing the no death trophies (I basically just have Dark World Cotton Alley left) and some people seem to be saying that you can quit to level select before dying and it won't count as a death? Does this actually work?


If it does then that should make things a lot easier, but I just wanted to make sure. It's kind of a shame I didn't figure it out earlier. (I actually didn't realise until like an hour ago that you're allowed to use non-Meatboy characters for these trophies - I saved the video of Dark World Rapture and I'm thinking now it probably would've been a lot easier with Tim)


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This definitely does work, on a lot of levels it is almost impossible for the average person to pause before death, if you're constantly on edge, ready to press the start button, you'll never complete the world without dying in the first place, take it like a man!


I've used it a few times, one of which has worked, which is The Salt Factory.


Characters you cannot use for no death trophies:

  • Meat Ninja
  • Tim
  • Steve (PC & 360)
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