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Trophy issues... [solved]

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So I got this game for Xmas 2 days ago (Yes I opened it on Xmas eve) and played the game, everything was running smoothly, trophies were popping as they should until I tried to get online. The stupid thing needed an online pass code, and I had one; however, the game I had was a Region 1 (USA) and I'm region 2 (UK) - the seller that the game was bought from said it was a region 2 and they seemed legit [and they are, the game was brand new and original]- so naturally when I went to redeem the code it didn't work on the PS store.


Yesterday I bought a UK digital copy straight off the store (I'm getting a refund for the other one), DL'd and installed it for a solid 7 hrs today. I got to play it and everything is fine (the only mild problem was that I had to start from the beginning), I went to play an online game (for the trophies) and got the one for getting into a lobby, I played the entire first level but the trophy for playing an online game didn't pop. Then I decided to go back to the US disc that I had and play from there (I still have the disc and couldn't be bothered to play the digital one over again today). I eventually bought the final weapon in the vendor for Ratchet and yet the trophy for getting all of the weapons didn't pop.


Am I right in thinking that this is some kind of bug due to the clashing versions of the game? If it is then I'll find out tomorrow as I've deleted both saves that I've got of the games. If it is the different versions clashing, should I delete the game data too? Or is it some other kind of bug? And if it is, is there a fix?




EDIT: I think that saves were clashing. I got the one for getting all weapons but the online one still isn't popping. Maybe I need to join a match with others rather than hosting a solo.


EDIT 2: I just got the 'connected' trophy. You have to join an existing game and can't make one on your own with 2 remotes.

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