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Destiny Weekly Update - 01/29/2016

Aranea Highwind

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Full weekly update is here...




Crimson Days event full details...



Last week, we alluded to a new combat mode, designed with lovers in mind. This week, you’re invited to learn more about Crimson Doubles. We have a dedicated page to tell you everything you need to know before the music starts.
If you want to know more, let’s interrogate Senior Designer Leif Johansen. He had a hand in creating this fun-loving couples activity.
What inspired the creation of Crimson Days?
Leif: We wanted to develop a small, fun PvP activity that speaks to the themes and emotions of Valentine’s Day. Try that design exercise in your head. What features would you build into a competitive shooter experience to provide a metaphor for going on dates, relationships, and love?
What did you end up with?
Leif: For one week, we’re opening up a Fireteam-Only 2v2 Elimination playlist with a twist: you get a significant buff while your teammate is dead. Having to ask someone to be your Guardian Valentine and being filled with angry vengeance when they get killed are the experiences that I hope will define the event.
Tell us more about the new mechanics. How does it help us to avenge our vanquished partners?
Leif: When your teammate dies, you become “enraged” with the Broken Heart buff. When you find yourself alone in the fight, you gain maximum ratings for Armor, Agility, Recovery, and Weapon Handling speed. Hearing Bungie devs swear vengeance for their beloved Crimson partners during playtests sealed the deal for me.
How did the event themes impact the rewards?
Leif: Pairing up and having your kills count toward your teammate's Crimson Days Bounties seemed to reinforce the theme of partnership. I hope it will create even less friction for more casual players to team up with high-skill friends. A player can carry their teammate through matches and to the rewards.
The couple that slays together profits together! So why just one week?
Leif: This is a special occasion. We didn’t want it to overstay its welcome and drift away from its “small and fun” goal. I’m hoping the timing feels right for you guys as well.
Time will tell. Crimson Days starts February 9th. You still have time to court the perfect teammate.





Form a Fireteam with a friend and confront all challengers in an all new 2v2 Elimination Mode. Win five rounds against the opposing team to secure victory. 
The all new Crimson Doubles game mode will be available for a limited time, beginning February 9th, 2016 and ending on February 16th, 2016. Launch Crimson Doubles via the featured activities section available in the Director. You must be in a Fireteam of two players to play Crimson Doubles.
Lord Shaxx has an all new Quest and brand new Bounties for Guardians willing to forge themselves in Crimson Doubles combat. Visit him in the Tower to obtain them prior to starting your matches.
If your teammate falls to the opposition in Crimson Doubles, you will be infused with the power of Broken Heart. In your vengeful state, you will be faster on the draw and much quicker to recover from any damage you take. Use this boost to avenge your partner and keep your dreams of victory alive. The Broken Heart buff will last until you revive your fallen comrade, until the round ends, or until you fall in combat yourself.
Complete Lord Shaxx’s “Crimson Bonds” quest for a new Crimson Days Emblem. Play Crimson Doubles for a chance at new Shaders and new Ghost Shells that can drop at up to 320 Light. Crunch down a Crimson Candy to buff yourself and your Fireteam.
When a Guardian consumes a Crimson Candy, they share a Crimson Connection with all of the other members in their current Fireteam that boosts experience gain on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes.




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