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How difficult are these trophies to obtain?

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On 7.2.2018 at 1:09 AM, MiamiNights89 said:

- join a pvp guild (not really needed, but theres plenty of great guilds out there who get emperor on a weekly basis by just playing, so they probably would happily help you out with support if you're running for it)


IMO, this is important. Surely, you can get Emperor solo. But having some support make things much easier. Firstly, you get AP faster. Secondly, well in my opinion there exist an inner circle of PvP-Players/-Guilds who rule the campaigns. And they maybe don´t like other players to become emperor. For that it might be better to have some back-up.In the emperor-threads you sometimes read success-posts like youre one. I´m sure, there also are many unwritten stories of players who spent hours, days to become emperor and can´t get it because of some of this 24/7-players don´t want this.

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Don’t expect an easy plat-one look at the percentages would tell you that. 

Main story quests-easy and not really time consuming

Hero of the AD/DC/EP-three alliances, five zones each. Each zone has 40-60 quests you need to complete. No crazy difficulty in individual quests but sheer volume makes this a timesink.

AD/DC/EP/Coldharbour master explorer-16 zones, 6 delves (mini dungeon with an easy boss) each. Also 6 discoverable locations per zone

Lvl 50 hero-easily attained as you go do other stuff

indecent exposure-easy

lycanthropy/vampirism-ask in Rift zone chat for a vamp/werewolf bite. You’ll unlock a skill line and trophy. Can’t have both at the same time, but can cure one to get the other

arch-mage/fighters guild veteran-five quests each, not that hard and actually pretty fun

general executioner-super RNG based and will take a while to farm

anchors away-the Cyrodil anchors are a bit of a pain, easy otherwise

public dungeon champions-easy but awfully time consuming

group dungeons-you only have to do them on normal difficulty, so this is not bad. Make sure you don’t skip any bosses or you’ll miss the achieve for that dungeon 

emperor-this is the dealbreaker for most. Have to be first place in the PVP leaderboards while your alliance controls 6 “emperor” keeps. When ppl QQ about trophies in this game, this one is usually why

alliance/rare style master-imperial style is the only issue here. Every other motif required for this trophy is dirt cheap in traders. 

Skyshard hunter-massive timesink with a little luck involved

Master fisher aka master timesink: hours and hours spent praying to rnjesus, the only trophy I don’t have yet. Nothing “hard” about it, but it’s a grind. 

Close call kill-pvp for long enough and you’ll luck into this. Can boost it with a friend in another alliance if you don’t feel like getting it legit

cut and run-easy

alliance war recruit-need a rank up twice in pvp, not hard at all

dawn of a champion-you unlock the champ point system at lvl 50. Spend one champ point, easy trophy

support the fight-easy pvp trophy

cyrodil champion-complete all the quests in the pvp zone. The quests are trivial, but you’ll probably get jumped by hostile players a few times en route to the trophy

craglorn completist-they changed this a few patches ago and now you can solo all the required quests for this trophy.There are still group quests though, so you need to pay attention to what quests are/aren’t required for the trophy or you might stumble into a group quest and get smashed



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