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**Glitch Warning** Filled Hold - Unobtainable on the US version


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Just a heads up to everyone looking for a quick 100% with this game... The "Filled Hold" trophy appears to be glitched and unobtainable on the US version w/ minimal earners for the EU version.


Per 8Floor Games, the trophy is supposed to unlock by simply completing all the Sea Wolf levels - nothing special is required and there are no restrictions on power-ups. As you can see by the amount of people stuck at 90% (I feel your pain!), simply completing all the levels does not work. Until they fix it, it doesn't look like this game can be completed to 100%.


EDIT: Well someone got the trophy... so it is obtainable...


EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED! You need to play through the Sea Wolf levels WITHOUT using shuffle when your deck runs out of cards. You can use the shuffle bonus and the joker bonus, but not the actual shuffle button. If you can't finish the level in one 'round', hit select and choose replay. 

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problem solved yo!
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