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Hourly Towers and Modifiers


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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anybody knows just how many hourly towers are out there. I've been looking for a complete list but there doesn't seem to be one. I've been keeping a checklist of the modifiers I have, and of course the more I've gained the longer it takes to find new ones. Looking at some of the ones I need, there seems to be a pattern - many of them disable something, or make it infinite, or are time-related. I'm guessing these are unlocked from the start and don't have corresponding towers? 


I don't need any more mods for the trophy, I unlocked that a while back. I'm just curious to know how close I am to unlocking all that were not found in the Krypt. Unfortunately I don't have a second controller so I cannot check the list in the 2-player only menu. If a list of all-known hourly towers is out there somewhere, I'd like to see it. I thought there would at least be one on the MK Wiki page, but there doesn't seem to be.

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