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Did I cheat or?

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So I'm playing the game right, and it's not my main game, I'm just playing an hour or two here and there when I get a chance, and I'm wondering if I cheated or if I'm forgetful.


Here's the deal


I'm playing the game, and some cars seem really, like REALLY, way faster than I remember them being in the original version. Cop cars, they fly, that's fine I guess... but the giant triad fish van going faster than grampa after popping a pack of viagra, and those stupid van things doing a million miles a minute, I find that hard to believe.


So I hit new game, to see what's what, and all the cars are going just as fast there too. Now, I could back up and delete my save if I really wanted, but I don't want that, so I won't, but doing that might remove the cheat if there's a cheat entered.


Which brings me to the cheat part of this. So I just plat'd Vice City legit (sans Godfather, because fuck that) and I'm more than happy at the idea of plowing through GTA 3 with infinite ammo and tanks up the ass. Here's the thing though, I don't know if I entered one of those handling cheats and whatnot that make the cars abilities change, but if I did, it's perfectly possible that maybe I just saved with one of them on, thing is, entering the code now makes them just go a bit faster and quicker on the turns, so I assume the cheat isn't on, but re-entering it may just make it more powerful, I don't know.


Anyway, normally I'd just assume I put a cheat in and it's my own doing, but there's weird shit like tanks staying parked outside my safehouse (where I left it) and still being there when I load the game, days later, that I really don't recall happening in the old PS2 version, but then I've played so many re-releases with little tweaks and shit or straight up semi-remakes like the phone versions and shit with major updates, I don't know what's normal in this game anymore.


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The normal part on this game is not to use cheats (I say) eheh
The game is the same on PS2 version  the cars go to the same speed....... unless you use cheats :P
But this will not prevent you to get platinum!

I'll tell one thing: don't use "Crazy Pedestrians" or "Pedestrians Fight Each Other" cheat because.... there's no turning back..

Tanks will be in the same location.... unless you destroy them


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From what I understand 3 allows cheats if you've happened to activate one. It's San Andreas that doesn't allow cheats.

Everything goes fine with cheats, I couldn't care less about trophies in this to be honest, I'm just more curious if I've put in a cheat and forgotten or if everyone else's cars are going way faster than they used to.

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So tanks are just magic then, that explains it I guess, since no other cars stuck around after saving and loading now that I think about it. Thanks for that :)


exactly :) you can mix a cheat "Great Handling In Car" + "tank" it will help you on vigilante missions !

to disable : enter the same code.

Good luck


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