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One Shot playthrough with others - question


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Hi all

I'm playing through to get the platinum at the minute. I'm wondering if chapter select can be used to go back and redo parts if you failed them?

For instance, during Comms, an android attacked me at the start and I failed to get that trophy as I didn't realise there was one. Also, if I were to kill a human and finish the chapter without realising, can I redo it in chapter select before progressing any further - or even once I've finished - and still get Mercy or Prudence?


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Yes, you can use chapter select to clean up any missed trophies, and it will "forget" any mistake you've done, such as killing a human or dying. If you keep playing until the end you will get Mercy or Prudence? and One Shot.

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I don't see the point in making a whole new thread but I have another question relating to One Shot.

I just went through the whole game, going back a save as the xenomorph's killer animation started and, when attacked by facehuggers, exited the game and used previous save, and I still didn't get the trophy. So would it still be achievable by redoing the missions one-by-one where I was attacked - say, chapters 4, 16, 17, and 18 - or does it require you to sit through the entire story mode all over again?

I don't mind doing the latter but this trophy has me confused now.

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