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Is the PS4 Controller fully compatible with the PSTV?


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yeah works perfectly for me, I have been using my ps4 controller to operate my PSTV from the get go, I like the feel of the ps3 controller better than the dualshock 3. Home button works fine and you can even set it up to use touch controls using the sticks (only really useful for games with very minor touch input though but it gets the job done). The only slight issue is that if you leave the system on and are inactive for awhile then the controller sometimes has trouble finding the system again even after plugging it in with the usb cable. this doesn't happen though all the time and I have just been leaving the controller plugged in even while playing as the TV has a relatively long cable to it and can extend a bit of a ways into my room (further than my ps3/4). So yeah it works better than the ps3 controller in all ways except for getting "lost" from the system if you leave it idling for too long without the controller plugged in. And I am talking like 5+ hours not just as few minutes.

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