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Cheating or is the servers back up?


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Okay, so I have seen a few users on psnprofiles that have obtained UNOBTAINABLE trophies due to server shutdowns, and it really confuses me, because they are in fact not obtainable. Can someone help me understand how this can happen?


I gotta put out an example here, so you know what I mean. 

(link removed)

That guy obtained in nearly 14 hours on August 28th, 2016 all 44 trophies in BUZZ!: Quiz World, a game where the servers have been shut down for almost three years. He obtained all the online trophies on that day even though the servers are down, and they would therefore be unobtainable. I was curious, so I bought the game to see if the servers were back up, but they weren't. They're still down!


Then I took another look at his trophy list, and there are actually a few games there where the platinum trophy is unobtainable.


Will someone explain to me how this is possible? Does he have superpowers?

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They have cheated on a number of their games, and the servers for that game are currently still closed. We do not name and shame people here though, so I have removed the direct link to the profile. If you would like to report their games and have them removed from the leaderboards then you would have to become a Premium Member to do so.

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