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Extra Gwent Cards?


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Weirdest thing just happened: I went to the inn in Oxenfurt for a quest. On one of the tables, I noticed something was glittering. It was a Toad card for the Monster Deck. Now keep in mind, I already have the Card Collector trophy. Did the trophy (thankfully) glitch on me and pop too early or are there actually more cards out there? I've played a helluva lot of Gwent, but I've never before seen this card. Not even in an opponent's deck.

And before anyone asks, no, I don't have either of the DLC's.

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The Toad card has been said to be an extra card added after the parameters of the Card Collector trophy were set. I went for Card Collector a year after the game was released and kept reading that Toad was not required for it. I picked it up anyway and got the trophy in the end, but that doesn't mean that it glitched for you.

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