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Post the most fun Platinum you've got!


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I feel like part of getting Platinums, other than for the overwhelming sense of accomplishment is to enjoy yourself and I personally have thoroughly enjoyed getting most of my Platinums (even though I don't have many)! So I was hoping people could post their favourite games they've platinumed so that we can get some ideas for new games to Platinum! My two favourites where The Last of Us and Until Dawn. Although The Last of Us was grindy with the online trophies, I have it down as my favourite ever game and found it to be really enjoyable, especially reading through the collectibles and what not! Also, Until Dawn is up there because it was such a solid game (minus the various plot holes people managed to seek out) and aside from that was quite quick to Plat!

Just to sum up the above:


The Last of Us Remastered

Until Dawn



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