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Filling the Trophy Case


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Lazarus Labs is best and the level I got it on with my first try, it has tons of enemies and you have every gun available to you. Use a list such as the one included (credit to Playstationtrophies forum member DiscoKing) and work your way through it, kill an enemy meeting the criteria for a medal then cross that medal off and move on. Focus on one thing at a time and you'll have the kill medals out the way no problem especially using the advice on that list. The only thing I would alter would be I personally found it easier using the pistol's charged shot for my headshot rather than the chaingun, but each to their own. Once the kills are finished all you need is to collect a Doom Guy extra life and the 3 different relics, which are again no problem as long as you're careful not to let enemies distract you from picking up the relic at the right time/colour. The extra lives are very obviously placed in this level and practically unmissable. It took about 20 seconds after I had completed all the medals for my trophy to pop, then I quit out without even finishing the level. Hopefully you will also enjoy the same success. It's good to remember that since you have the Gold Rating trophy out of the way you can take your time here and plan your moves rather than being pressured by multipliers ticking down to keep rushing. Good luck fellow marine!



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