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Fever Time Grinding Method (Up Up !)

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A bit of a silly post since this might be obvious to some of you, but if you're like me and only used fever time for bosses, you're going to have to grind the 100 needed.


First thing to note, the trophy is given for activating Fever Time. Nothing about kills, attacks, battles, or anything like that.

Second, the fever guage only goes down after completing an action during Fever Time.


As a result, here is the method.

  1. Start a battle (while having Escape Anywhere turned on)
  2. Grab the Fever Time Star
  3. Retreat
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 until you either fail a retreat or get the trophy
  5. If you failed a retreat, attack enemies until your Fever gauge is at 100 again.

Retreating chance is generally higher against weaker enemies, but weak enemies are hard to grind fever gauge on. As a result, probably the best place to do this is Virtua Forest in Dreamcast era, after Forest God is unlocked. Your strategy will be, attack Forest God until Fever gauge is maxed. If your team is strong enough, grab the fever star and leave, or if you're weaker, just do normal retreats until you succeed. Repeat the earlier steps until a retreat fails. When a retreat fails, head back to the Forest God to charge up the gauge again.



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