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SSS tips?


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I keep getting SS, only need this and one other for plat.

Is it best to do it on hard or insane? Anyone know the amount of points required?

Best map?

Any tips welcome, I cant find anything online.

I just got this trophy and the Platinum myself. My tips are to play the first stage on hard, buy the machine gun and collect as much ammo as you can from ghosts and buying between rounds but only use the pistol for the first five rounds going for head-shots and keeping the combo up as much as you can. Then for the boss in round six switch to the machine gun and focus on killing as many of the enemies that spawn around you as you can and keeping your combo up to get those extra points for the get an SSS Rank, that's how I did it anyway.


My final stats were:

Lives: x3

SSS Rank

Score: 463769

Kills: 596

Critical Hits: 478

Max Combo: 81

Accuracy: 68%

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