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is this a bug in pure-pool or am i drunk ?


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Hi folks,

In pure-pool snooker when you "snooker" your opponent so he cannot directly hit the required object bal there is a snooker rules violation when your opponent doesn't come out of the snooker but the cueball is postioned in such a way you are snookered yourself then it should be a free ball i don't see an option for that in the game it just forces me to come out of my own snooker .....

Also speaking of the rules when your opponent fails to come out of a snooker there should be a possibility a miss is called this means the "empire" will judge the player attempt to hit the required ball is not good enough according to his skills and difficulty of the snooker a miss can be called max 3 times and the original player is free to play himself and ignore the miss call when you accept all balls are placed back into there original position  after 3 times (if you get that far) you automatically lose the frame.Should i go to ripstone the creator of pure-pool ?

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