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Ch 3 Way of Gods and King Game Breaking Glitch


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After you travel to the waterfall and retrieve the weapon, you are told to return to Lestallum. A cutscene will trigger and you would be told to go to the overlook. You will meet Adryn and he will ask you to follow him to his car. From there he will drive you to the next quest location. In my case I declined the ride because my level was low and I wanted to go sidequest. I did several hours of sidequets and came back expecting to find Adryn. Instead the game is wanting me to return to the hotel. No cutscene is retriggering.


Others have described problems with this quest at this forum. Support declined the tickets as they do not give hints. They have finally started getting response tickets stating it is a known issue. 



The above YouTube video describes the same scenario that I am stuck in. I can't find anyone giving exact explanations on why this glitch is caused. I believe it is because I left the area with the Adryn part of the quest active. If you notice in the YouTube video this guy has rather high side quests (at least much higher than mine) I am guessing he probably left the area as well.


Until a known patch addresses this issue, I highly highly suggest you complete this section of chapter 3 in one complete shot and back up the save. 

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