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Better battle strategies

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So, initially I thought this game was way to hard and very much P2W, but after sticking through the first few days I'm finding it fairly straightforward at least at the lower levels (I'm only at something like 800 points right now since I only play enough each time to fill my 4 crates I can open since I am not planning on paying to open crates faster).


My current strategy is to hold off attack at the beginning until I can afford to pay for my 2 heaviest hitting cards and either rush the opponent or use them to defend and then rush if the opponent attacks first. This so far has been a simple but effective method for my current win streak.


My question is later on do you need to develop a more complicate strategy for defeating the computer controller opponents? I'm mainly relying on a 6 cost purple tank with 4 cost tank back up and any other lower cost quick troops I have.

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Once you get to 1700 it's very pay to win (at least for now) I've played against multiple people with level 5+ legendary units and it's only possible to beat them if the server craps out on them. I've actually lost a cumulative 800 points because the servers crapped out on me.


Your strategy is pretty much the go to strategy for the game though. Wait until you have max bars and then deploy a single unit. If the enemy counters, counter their counter with a second unit. You need to learn the best counters for each of the units and exploit your opponent when they don't counter correctly.


There's also specialist strategies--only tanks, only infantry, only defense placements/air support--and they're a little random with their success. If someone doesn't have any cards to counter then it's a guaranteed win, but if they can counter then you'll either lose or tie.

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