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Heres how to link your Hi Rez account to ps4 (and twitch) for special skins


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I've seen a lot of confusion on the internet regarding this topic on how to link your Hi Rez account to your PS4 (Mainly because people want the Androxus PS4 Skin) so here how to do/get it

Step 1: Make an account on Hi Rez (if you don't have one yet) right here.

Step 2: For the Androxus PS4 exclusive skin ''Stage 4'' link your Hi Rez account with your psn id here.

Step 3 (optional): if you want:
- Victors Charcoal skin (Body Skin) and Victors Charcoal Crew Cut (hair style) 

- Victors Matte skin (Weapon)

-Onyx Stallion Mount

- Ying (champion), and Ying's Twitch Illusory Mirror (weapon skin)

You can go Here. This will take you to the paladins home page where if you scroll down to the bottom you see this:


You can do all of these to unlock the skins by code (except the team fortress one, hes for pc) and Ying doesn't wok for me (bug?) but the rest does. They jsut require you to follow, like subscribe, etc.


After having done these steps all 3 rewards should unlock in-game.

If you're doing these steps while Paladins is being played on your PS4 you might need to restart the game acordingly for it to work




Hope this helps for all of you that had trouble getting it done. ^^



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