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So i'm at mission 6 and now it's telling me to spend time in free roam to catch things and collect meterials.


Is this worth spending time in the free roam or i'm i able to catch enough of materials and animals in the missions & side ops?


I'm not necessarily aiming for the plat, but i like having the more trophies i can without ending tired of the game.

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You can get collectives/animals/materials in free roam and in all kind of missions. However once you fulton a container of, for example 30k fuel, you will have to complete other missions for it to respawn as a container worth 30k of fuel. Likewise, plants need time to respawn, so complete some missions for this to happen.


Regarding legendary animals, they can only be captured by playing the respective missions, unfortunately once these kind of missions are completed, they can not be replayed. 

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