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So, because I need the Kismet weapon, I want a 100% drop from the boss, but I'm a little confused about the skill Item Finder.

I realised that I can't equip that skill (from Message:Hawkeye reward) more than once per monster; I know that it stacks (if I have 2 monsters with it, my multiplier will be x6), but does it only for my active (me+3 monsters) party? or for all the monsters that I have in my party (4 max allowed)? or, although I doubt it, do the monsters in the katz storage count as well?


I read that it is possible to have a multiplier of x20 which means a 100% drop from the enemies. With the Message:hawkeye I can reach a maximum multiplier of x12 (if the monsters in my katz storage don't count), so this means that I need at least 2 monsters with Item Finder 3 which can be acquired only by levelling up. Which monsters have this skill and which one would you suggest to go for? can I have the same monster type twice in my party? possibly something that doesn't require a statue since without a good drop % it would take a while to get a philosopher stone as I already tried without success.


EDIT: I still don't know the answers, however I went with 2 Mia Culpa monsters in my active party, they both have a multiplier x10 so I could get the Kismet from Glasdheim and the traitor from twilight palace, I can easily go now for any material that I need for the statues.

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