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No custom button mappings?


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When I tried to go for the Sliding Marksman trophy in my No Powers playthrough in the final mission, I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't aim for one of the witches' head while I was sliding and they were all after me, and it was on Easy difficulty (which I call "Autism Mode", after one YouTuber called it "Baby Mode" while complaining that there is no trophy/achievement for playing through the game on Very Hard difficulty with no kills or being detected, because while fighting a mob only one enemy attacks you at a time and enemies have a reduced capacity to detect you). I did get the trophy on my next playthough, with powers of course.


The trophy could have been easier to earn in No Powers mode if only the game let me fully customize the button mappings. Sure, it lets you change the controls, but it only gives you a handful of presets. I'm like, "WTF?". You have to hold down the O button while sprinting to slide, but often I'm unaware that I can let it go after I start sliding to aim. I'd prefer to slide while holding down L3, but none of the presets map 'stealth mode/slide' to L3. Pressing L3 to crouch/slide makes aiming while sliding easier for me. 


Why does this game not let me customize the button mappings? Many shooters on console allow you to do that, as well as many PC games. 

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