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I seem to have run into a few problems with the trophies in this game.  I played through the first 6 levels about a month ago, and the trophies for finishing those levels popped with no issues.  Then, if I remember correctly, the game crashed during the 7th level, Europe Against It, forcing me to restart the PS3.  When I reloaded the mission and completed it, no trophy popped.  I then completed the 8th mission, but again, no trophy.


On level 9, I got the Everyone Loves Bouncing trophy to pop - however, it doesn't register on this site as having been unlocked, even after syncing the trophies twice.


I'm finding this quite strange, and am now reluctant to continue playing until I can get some more information on why these issues are occurring.  Has anyone else had any similar problems?


EDIT: Never mind, they've finally unlocked for me this morning.  Trophies/achievements not popping on time seems to be a known issue with the game.

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