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didn't watch the video because it's too long! but i really wish for a third game.

Alice: Madness Return is one of my favorite ps3 game out there, but i hated the first one American Macgee's Alice SOO MUCH!


i heard the third game was made as a movie or a digital comic book that you can only watch in the internet which made me kinda disappointed, then i heard about them planning to made a proper sequel to Madness Return so i think this video is talking about it?

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There is plans for a third game if the developer can get the funding and settle all the crap with ea. The third game is apparently set to be called Alice Asylum as of now and should be a prequel to the first game in the series. If the problems get resolved it has a release date slotted for around 2021. 


http://alice.wikia.com/wiki/Alice:_Asylum here is the page for it.

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