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Obsessive Safe-cracker/The Perfect Crime/Party Crasher Trophies (All Bank Trophies in One Go)

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Hey guys, it's rubhen here with another Dishonored: Death of the Outsider video. This video focuses on all the Bank related trophies. This includes Obsessive Safe-Cracker, The Perfect Crime, and Party Crashes. I decided to combine them all in this video in one run making it easier for you guys to knock them all in one go as well.

So I felt that this one deserved it's own thread as this topic covers all 3 bank related trophies in one go.


For Obsessive Safe-Cracker, you will need to open all the vault safes at once. For this one, you will need to solve a riddle and crack the code.

For The Perfect Crime, you will need to loot the contents of the Vault, without disabling any traps, and leaving all the bank workers asleep and unharmed. This one is tough, but can also be combined with Party Crashes which involves you to drop the Vault from it's support. Dropping the Vault doesn't awaken any of the bank employees so it's perfect. I have tested this and unlocked all 3 trophies at once.


To begin with you will need to follow the side objective involving the Pharmacist and getting the Poppy TIncture. Make sure to read the pharmacist note at the beginning of the mission with Daud when planning the mission. Now head to the marker to reach the pharmacy. It is closed and you will have to read the note. You will get a new marker to talk to the pharmacists daughter. Head there and talk to her. Now you can go to the auction house, and try to get the poppy tincture.


At the auction, you can use semblance and bid for the poppy tincture, or kill all the guards and grab it. Regardless get it.


Now head to the Bank. Use the path I show to stay hidden, and use the lift to access the roof of the Bank.


On the Roof, deal with the enemies and use the poppy tincture at the objective marker, so the air ducts. Now everyone inside the bank will be asleep.

Head inside. Make sure to go through the door, when you encounter your first unconscious guard. Here look at the blackboard and read the note. This note will give you a clue for opening all the safes in the vault at the same time. Basically use additions of prime numbers on all the safes, even the one with two keys to open them all. More on that when we get there.


Now Stay quiet and head to the control center on the first floor to press the button and open the gates. Use the path shown in the video. Now head inside the gate and use displace to get to the rafters as the electrical traps will send bolts of lightning at you. Get to the other side and head through the doors.


Here you cannot disable any traps so be careful. Use the path I show in the video to by pass everything and get to the 3rd floor, where the Bank Manager's office is. Here press the button at her desk to open the secret compartment. Loot the key, and head to the elevator.


Use Displace to get to the top rafter, open the hatch and use displace to get to the top floor. It's the maintenance room. Here you can loot the Vault Brake lever at the far right corner desk. be careful of the electrical trap. With this lever you can drop the vault. Use foresight to get to the top of the vault, via the hatch opening, and place a displace marker. Now use displace on the marker to get down and drop down on top of the vault. Use the Vault Brake lever to unhook the vault hinges. Once the last one is unhooked the vault will drop. This will unlock the Party Crashes Trophy.


Now Open the Vault. Enter the numbers that i mention for each vault.

Safe Combinations:


1) 1st Safe - 0,1,1
2) 2nd Safe - 2,3,5
3) 3rd Safe - 8,1,3
4) 4th Safe - will technically be 2,1,3, but you don't need to enter it obviously, but it counts for the sequence
5) 5th Safe - 4,5,5
6) 6th Safe - 8,9,1


This will unlock all the safes at once, and unlock Obsessive Safe-cracker trophy. Now take you time and loot all the contents of the safe. Then open the main safe and grab the sword. Once you grab the sword and if you looted all the contents from every other safe, the Perfect Crime trophy should unlock as it did for me.
And that's it. You got all 3 bank trophies at once. Nice Job guys!


Cheers :)



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