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Tip in order to save time in terms of the circuit trophies


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Hey everyone :)


In MotoGP14 Compact Vita I found out that you can finish races with a bit less work. 


All you have to do is to start a race (or better a championship, just like the trophy guide tells you to) with all trophy - relevant circuits , 3 laps and hard AI. 


Then let the race start and the AI finishes the race (there will be a permanent  notice telling you " Race over "). Then you will only have to finish one lap instead of 3, the race will then end automatically and you'll earn the trophy. That's good because you don't need to win the race. 


This helps me out as I am playing multiple versions of this type of games  (basically everything in the MotoGP - and MXGP-series + WRC and Valentino Rossi)  at the same time (like idle - boosting 25 online wins in which the AI does all the work,  180 minutes of valid online  game time and so on) on 2 ps3's, 2 Vitas and 2 Ps4's. 


I hope this is useful to somebody who is still interested in these games :)


I will use the method I described above on the ps3 and ps4-versions as well. 


Greetings from Germany! 



Edit: I just found out that this works as well if you play MXGP Compact (in order to complete a race on every course) :)



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