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Campaign Trophy Question


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Hi All, 


In regards to the campaign trophies where you need to request health, ammo, etc., are these cumulative? Or do you need to complete these in one run? 


Apologies if this has already been answered in a previous post. I searched through a couple of them and did not see this question. 


Thanks in advance.

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These are probably cumulative since some of them popped for me after dying and retrying some segments multiple times on Veteran, which means that even if I died, the counter went on and didn't reset.


F.ex. I popped the trophy for the mortar strike requests ("Who Needs a Pendant?") at the spot where you get this ability for the very first time since I replayed that section ten times over because I stupidly died a lot :D So I asked him for the mortar strike, died, the checkpoint reloaded, asked him again etc. and after the tenth time, it popped. So since it carries through dying, I suppose it is a stat that's counted over the general savegame/profile and not over a single run.

But it's no proof of that. To prove it, someone should do something like ask 9 mortar strikes, play through the story, then start the campaign again and ask for one more strike.


However based on what I experienced and described here, it is unnecessary to worry since you could easily just grind these trophies out the way I did it unintentionally with the mortar strikes. So just load a segment where you can ask for the thing you need for your trophy and then die, ask again, rinse and repeat :)

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