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Speedrun info box disappears without reason


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It happened multiple times during my regular speedrun attempt but I overlooked it because thought maybe I was going out of bounds or doing something the game didn't like with my shortcuts so it was invalidating my run.


Now it just happened during my 100% run on my 1st attempt where I was ahead of the youtube guide I was following, all the way at 30 mins and it didn't happen to him. All I did was jump over a ledge after collecting some shards on the only path possible and the box just disappeared.


So what the hell is going on here, has anybody else experienced this "glitch"? Is the timer still going on in the background and it's only visibly gone or will it not count even if I complete this run while being extra careful because I don't know the time or shard %? I'm pretty patient but 30 mins is a long time to dedicate to a 100% SR and I don't know what will trigger this stupid catastrophe again. I saved a 13 sec clip of it if I can share it through a safe site for this forum, you can let me know how.


Edit: I've been on the latest patch since I first started the game and have a Pro if it makes any difference.

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1 hour ago, MrVecchi said:

If you (accidentally) push L3, it will make the box disappear. If you push again, it will reappear. Maybe it is as simple as that. I thought I had the same problem until I read about it.


Lol, wow, that was it! I can't believe that was mapped to L3 or that option was never communicated to the player in the game, unless I missed it somehow. I restarted a bunch of my any% speedruns because of this too. Thanks MrVecchi, I don't have to restart this one at least. 

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