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Is it permitted to download platinum saves?

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Definitely It's cheating.


I've done all batman: AC challenges by myself.

I bought all DLCs and I rememeber that I enjoyed finishing these wonderful challenges.


I love this series very much. IMO it's the best action game that I've played.  

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I think that alot of people could be tempted by the idea of 'downloading a platinum' to bypass the time it takes to earn one. It is similar to the way certain micro-transactions work from a psychological point of view - 'Spend 4 hours gathering the materials to make your sword, or pay 5 dollars/euros to get them instantly'. Many people have a tendency to take the easy way out.


The only difference here is that if you 'download' a platinum you have these factors to take into account:

  • You are crapping on anyone else who has spent time and effort in earning the trophy. If people find out, then the community is going to turn against you and your gaming will get considerably more lonely as a result. This happens quite a bit in MMORPG games, if it becomes known that you have powerlevelled all your characters, people won't take you seriously or trust your skills in a group environment.
  • You are reducing something which by many accounts is quite a feat of skill into something completely empty and insignificant
  • You are essentially plagiarizing the work and progress of someone else by copying their progress. Rather like copying another persons essay at school, or business proposal at work.

This isn't meant to be a rant or attack on anyone, just what I think is wrong with this kind of action. I'm sure some people will agree and disagree with my reasoning. At the end of the day it is a choice you'll need to make on your own, but before you do, as with anything in life, weigh up the consequences before doing it.


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