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Glitched Trophies?


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If you take a look at my AC:Origins trophies you can see there's 4 missing.  These are;


-Defog whole map

-Complete all stone circles

-Complete all hermit locations

-Visit "top of the world" in black desert area.


More importantly, I DO have the trophy for completing all locations.  This would mean in theory that the above 4 should have popped as pre-requisites.  Has anyone else experienced a glitch like this?  Is there a fix?  As much as I like the game I'd rather not do another playthrough.


Also, I haven't done any locations as Aya, I've went back to a few stone circles/hermit locations to see if that would trigger anything, but no luck.  Top of the world trophy just doesn't pop full stop.


Do I need to do another playthrough? :(



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