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PLATINUM Walkthrough

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ll, I starting made walkthrough live stream, but at the middle of playthrough, my conection/service broke, so there's two videos.

obs 1 - I did play the bonus chapter even though it's not necessary for the platinum, so in the second video, if you wanna go straight to the point I started a new campaing on easy and just made it to the 3 mahjong games, skip video at 1:08:46 to 1:39:00 (yeah, I'd lost half an hour doing a complete unecessary bonus chapter LOL)


obs 2 - I'm trying to edit these videos to crop the bonus chapter and unite both parts in just one.


This game is an easy 3 hour platinum.

Video includes all collectibles and animals to interact (some of them you need to click before advancing in story: eg - lizard blocking the door, you need to interact at least once before offer the 3 pieces of meat)



Have fun..



As I promissed to try editting uniting both videos and croping the bonus chapter, it's done.

Follow the video above and your platinum is on the way


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