Trophy Translations and Thoughts

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First the trophy requirements:


  • Obtained 50%/100% of emblems

  • Defeated Shin

  • Cleared the Prologue/Chapter 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/Final Chapter

  • Stared at Kisana for three minutes in first-person view

  • Disinfected Thouzer

  • Don't attack Toki during his coughing fit

  • Finished the game on EX-HARD

  • Completed all side missions

  • Gained honor as a bounty hunter

  • Healed 100 people on the street

  • Defeated 500 opponents on the street

  • Gained all emblems for encounter battles

  • Bartered 100 times

  • Obtained all equipment

  • Obtained all accessories

  • Obtained all Shukusei Amulets (excluding DLC)

  • Upgraded all Shukusei Amulets to 7 stars (excluding DLC)

  • Earned a total of 10 million currency

  • Spent a total of 10 million currency

  • Used all North Fist secret techniques

  • Defeated the master from another world [Komaki]

  • Defeated the great evil from another world [Amon]

  • Defeated the man who transformed into a demon god from the beginning of the fight

  • Defeated Toki when he was serious

  • Unlocked 3/50/All abilities

  • Collected the complete Abeshi collection

  • Destroyed 20 Hidebu weapons

  • Gathered a total of 1000 resources from the wasteland

  • Traveled a total of 10 km using the buggy's afterburner

  • Traveled 500 km in the buggy

  • Obtained all buggy parts

  • Won five races on beginner, intermediate, and advanced difficulty

  • Completed the menus at every restaurant and bar

  • Completed all Hostess Bar Staff Kenshiro missions

  • Won all duels and prisoner bouts in the colosseum

  • Defeated all duel opponents

  • Achieve a perfect combo on all songs in the Kenshiro Clinic

  • Reached S rank in Bartender Kenshiro

  • Obtained an S rank on all Death Batting courses

  • Earned 150,000 chips in the casino

  • Obtained all crane game prizes

  • Played all games in the wasteland

  • Earned 1 million currency as Trader Ken


Hopefully the minigames aren't too difficult. But any way you look at it, this seems pretty grindy.


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