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The From Paris to Berlin trophy where you are required to run a total of 400,000 metres has appeared to have glitched out on me even though I obtained the Bigger, Faster, Stronger trophy where running 400,000 metres is a requirement to obtain the highest wolf level in the game.


I obtained a score of 30,000 points in infinity mode before actually running 400,000 metres. What I've noticed when I load the game now is that I go to the challenges menu and all the avatars for each wolf level are silhouettes, as if I hadn't met the requirements for each level yet it still states I have completed each requirement. Once I complete a story mission it comes up with the screen congratulations, you've reached a new wolf level. Then all the avatars appear again in the challenges menu. 


Anyone came across this issue? 


EDIT: As soon as I got the Bigger, Faster, Stronger trophy in infinity mode  I died intentionally thinking that the 400,000 metre trophy would have popped at the game over screen. I may just start another file and play infinity mode I guess....

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