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Hey there everyone :)


I have just 100%ed this game.


At first I thought that this would be a really difficult Arcade Archive, but fortunately I have simply forgotten that you can jump with triangle.

Therefore, just utilize the jump in order to avoid bullets fired from enemies. It's still no walk in the park by any means, but the game is definitely doable.


I chose the left route. You'll be able to rack up a lot of points if you use a green-charged shot with the vehicles you can enter (you can see the yellow multiplier if you kill many enemies with only one shot).


Once again, I only unlocked the bronze score trophy, but not the silver one, although I reached 2 million pts. 

Therefore, I had to switch my system language to Japanese again. After that, everything worked very well.


I have reached 3 million points after defeating the building-shaped-boss (literally :D).


I failed High Score mode with 1.1 million points, right after the battle against the B2 bomber. For this fight (I found it difficult despite having the ability to jump), make sure to have at least one spare life. It would be great if you've got like 5 grenades from your current life left. Use them all. Once you die, spam the replenished 10 grenades, this will kill the boss quickly.


Best of success to you!


Greetings from Germany :)



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