Dead easy weapon farming up to level 74 on basic armor (yes even 150...)

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I was trying the euro version of EDF 4.1 and wasn't happy to have to wait until mission 60 to get decent weapons. So I tried to find a even easier and earlier mission to get them.

The classic recommended missions to farm weapons in inferno on 4.1 are:


- 14 Prevention Landfall - very easy with all classes as the EDF people will crush all hectors, specially if you help killing the flying vehicles. But a serious downside is that the air raids and EDF tanks are too efficient and most hectors will die in water, which means few crates to pick. Also it's easy to pick crates from first wave of hectors, but the second it's not specially with ranger or ari raider without vehicle (play split screen ranger with air raider and use a decent tank to pick crates)


- 47 Blue Fighters - not basic and you need powerful weapons / tanks


- 74 Den of Thieves - I can't understand why recommend this level. The number of weapon crates is usually miserable, you can die easily and picking the last crates from the main cave isn't easy with a very low armored character, specially ranger and air raider. Granted it's very easy with the Thunder Sniper 40, something I found elsewhere, (boring as hell with any other Thunder Sniper, takes ages to kill the spiders) but the ratio between goodies and time spent is very low


- 75 Death Queen - A lot more productive than 74, and easier on EDF 4.1 than on 2025. The initial wave of spiders was overwhelming until you had weapons to wipe it at start, but again the probable last srurviving enemies in the main cave are the 2 queen bees, and so picking the weapon crates from there it's very difficult. Again easy with the Thunder Sniper 40, found this info along with the previous one elsewhere.


So although 14 is interesting it takes some time and rewards are few.


But mission 44, Natural Calamity, which was reasonably tough on EDF 2025 (online with 4 is really tough) can be an ABSOLUTE PIECE OF CAKE on EDF 4.1. How easy?
You can do it with the Wing Diver with stock armor (although you'll probably have around 250 just by reaching mission 44), and a weapon as basic as the Thunder Bow 15s. This weapon is a measly level 18 one, which you can get by finishing mission 1 on hard. If you can't finish mission 1 on hard with the level 0 weapons after playing a few missions, don't even try to play the rest of the game.

Just dual equip your best Thunder Bow or Idunn, just fly left and a little below to a building that has a flowerbed on the corner, climb to the flowerbed and aim the weapon just above the EDF soldiers  and shoot. You don't even need to bother to switch weapons, but you can. There's a orbs wave, then a flying vehicles wave, then a final flying vehicles wave.




You can't recruit ANY EDF Wing Divers or Fencers. If you do you'll probably die as they will be all over you and you just shoot yourself or get thrown out of your safe spot. Between waves there's enough time to pick crates but don't take many chances. Flying vehicles can zap 500 armor in a snap so don't risk. Go pick the crates when there's just 2 or 3 left. You can recruit the remaining EDF people at the end of the third wave, this way they'll annoy and destroy the last flying vehicles while you pick what you need. One of the advantages is that almost all crates will be spread in a very small area. Check roofs, a few there probably. You can expect to get between 3 and 8 weapon crates usually.


For other classes just split screen, let it die, revive it when there's just 2 or 3 flying vehicles of the 3rd wave and pick crates. There will be plenty of life crates. Use the interval between the 2nd and 3rd wave to scout crate locations with the WD. Bring a explosive to level down the two buildings near your starting point in case some weapon crates are on their top.


It's specially fun with the Air Raider once you have even the most basic Guard and Power Posts. You have 3 of each, just put  them in a triangle at start while recruiting the EDF soldiers to make them more powerful and better protected, and it's even easier. The posts will regenerate while the wave is attacking (just remember to switch from one to the other when the first is already rebuilt) and the Air Raider will surely survive until the end of the mission. There's plenty of time for all this. Don't summon vehicles, they're not necessary and actually can make the mission harder.


This is so easy that to die you have to be really unlucky in the orbs wave or make a serious error picking the crates while there's still flying vehicles. As easy as level 11 was on 2025, but a much later mission. 😀

Have fun

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