Know any good Android app for long podcasts?

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Hi there, guys, I'm kind of at the end of my rope here, so I thought I'd ask all of you.


I'm looking for a good music player app for long podcasts. Not a podcast aggregator, mind you, just a music player that will do both of the following:


  • Memorize wherever you last left the podcast, even after turning the phone off.
  • Easily let you rewind the audio a few seconds without having to rely on manual rewinding.


Google Play Music will do the first one, memorizing every single file and even the parts of the file where you last left the podcast on pause. VLC for Android will do the second one - by just holding the "Back" button for one second, it will automatically rewind 20 seconds. YouTube also has something similar, where by pressing twice on the screen, you will automatically rewind the video 10 seconds.


What I'm looking for is for an app that will let you do both.


You guys know of any app that I don't?




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