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Tips and help.


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This info is for the normal mode all modes.


1. Dont use randomise caracters. Create 2 custom caracters. Personally i like this combo of character : 

Big bruiser with berserk : Before any upgrade you get 5 strength up to 7, 4 fitness, 4 shooting. So this one is gonna do most of your fighting and Can fight empty ended. The drawback here is that he will the personality of a drunken jock, he will move slower then other classes and have 2 hp instead of 3 (berserk drops it to 1 but big bruiser adds 1). High strength lets you throw almost any furniture at your enemies for almost no stamina costs and it hits multiple enemies, USE THIS WITHOUT REMORSE. Also be extra careful of events where this characters gives you options as it often ends up in disaster ( cool it, don't spread it, and rob). Cool it can however yield very good results so i always use it on a shopkeeper AFTER i'm done with all the rest.

Surgeon Car nuts with civilized : gives you max personality traits, 4 mechanics up to 6 and 3 medicine. You also start with a different car which is often better then the stating vehicule. So this will be the character you get to trust on event plus its job will be to keep your other character alive if you happen to take hits. The drawback here is the obvious low stats on physical traits which is why your other character is there, and civilized makes you suffer from a permanent penalty to moral stat which should watched carefully.


2. Try to stay at two characters until after your second siege event if on lower difficulty or the first if on higher difficulty. More characters means more mouths to feed and food is the main currency in this game. Tolerable exceptions would be dogs since they do a good job when fighting and eat less food. Or a special character since they tend to be better then normal characters (be careful some specials are evil like Mason AKA Jason from Friday movies).


3. Don't forget to update your unlocks. Self explanatory i think. Focus on classes you use or think could use. Also the gnome should appear once you do a couple of games and unlock some upgrades, look for a rat it'll lead to the gnomes home. Prioritize the toilet upgrade 1 and 2 (the one that upgrades to 2 fuel looting in toilet makes a huge difference on the long runs). Note that you get free unlocks to maximum Zombo point by beating any mode and a second one for beating hard mode.


4. Looting events should prioritize Yall mart / groceries / convenience store for food gathering, hard ware store / gas stations / any event having the With car attribute for gas. Cabins and rest stops are usually an OK source of both food and fuel and sometimes even includes a better tier weapon like a chainsaw, any kind of gun or fireman axes and mauls. 




Ill add more tips later.


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5. always try to leave inventory space on looting characters for weapons that can be sold for food, not only is it a good source of extra food but there is also a gnome unlock that gives a Zombo point for every item sold.


6. try to get your hands on a chainsaw for the last couple sieges. 


7. How to win the 4 hour SIEGE in the end of the game : if possible try to have each character with a gun and ammo so they can switch from melee to gun when they get tired. enter the closest building you see, as fast as you can and don't leave. most zombies outside won't come inside if they didn't spot you. Makes sure you switch the group AI to fight instead of defense or run. 

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