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Ways to reach level 50 online faster


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Hi guys,


I know it's quite a long way to level 50 (unless you're a boss and win every race), and I was wondering if you win more XP in longer races. I guess most people play the minimum (5 laps), so 100% distance rooms may be pretty empty. Do you think it is a good way to earn XP more quickly (play 100% distance with few players, which gives you more chances to reach podium), or the distance of the race has no influence on XP earned?



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Yep, longer races give you more XP. The longest you can do is 50%, but they also often come with the Short Qualifying format, ehich lasts 12 minutes and pays out the same as One-Shot quali. I guess you could just afk for 15 mins and do something else, then get the massive XP bonus for positions gained. The other problem is if you join a lobby mid-race, you’re more likely to have to wait a long time before you can have a go. 


In my experience, lobbies were ok in terms of numbers of players and, if you can keep your nose clean, you’re almost guaranteed a decent finish.


50% races on the short layouts are great for grinding, since the number of laps is the same as on the full layouts.

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