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Time like 3.12 is actually 3.012


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Just a heads up when hunting those better times.


"3.12" does NOT mean "3.120". In this game so is time something else, and thus "3.12" is actually "3.012".

I would believe the same is true for times like "5.5" which is NOT "5.500" but instead "5.005".


And level 84 is bugged in EU, so 100% is unobtainable. More info about that in another thread in this game forum.

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I am having a go at the EU version and I only have 2 levels to go towards the end for the silver. I will be glad when I get those out of the way and I can chuck this thing off of my Vita again. Swiping and tilting just does not work right and is annoying as. Sometimes I finish the objectives just in time, but have to try again anyway.


In a way I am glad that they did not release the patch for the EU version, because going for 3 stars for each level would be pure agony.

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