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How to download your own creations from the same account that created them and earn create xp.


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Not sure if this is already known. I looked it up and could not find anything on it but I just wanted to let everyone know that I found a way to download your own creations from the very same account that created them and get the create xp for it. 


Step 1: First you are going to create your creations if you haven't already. I'm not sure if this is based on level or if it's the same for everyone but the most you can publish is 50. 


Step 2: Once you are done go and publish all your creations. 


Step 3: Once they are published go to "Mods" (if it is a mod), "Karts" (if it is a kart) and "Tracks" (if it is a track.) Now you are going to "delete" all of your creations that you have published. Don't worry they won't be unpublished. 


Step 4: Now go back over to "Share", go to "downloads" and press :l1: or :r1: until it says "Just Me" and press any of the options except search by text to see a list of your creations. You will notice that the download symbol below them is missing. Click on "download" on each one and get 100 xp per download.You can view each one to by pressing :square: for an extra 20 xp. 


Once you are done downloading them all they will appear under "My Mods/Karts/Tracks" when you go to the area where you created your creations at. 


Step 5: Now simply unpublish them and republish them and repeat steps 3 - 5.


Doing this can net you 5,000 xp for downloads + 1,000 xp for views for a total of 6,000 xp each time you repeat steps 3 - 5. 

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