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Ok so here i am saying that i won't play this game after Dead Cells, but it was hard not to buy the game...... looks so good lol. had a lot of fun streaming this. I wanted to compile a thread with all the bosses. Of course people will have different builds and such, and that's the beauty of a thread like this. Info sharing, so please don't be shy to post a video or share some stuff to help out others.


Let's start!


1) Owlking


The boss is pretty standard the first time you fight it. Has a couple slash attacks, lunging slash attacks, can shoot orbs at you, and hit you with lightning bolts.


The strategy is to dodge behind it and attack a couple times and move away, because it can follow up with an attack to the back. Be careful with the hit boxes, they are completely misleading. Other than that, not too much to talk about here, the boss is fairly simple for the most part. Of course Heroic mode version is pure Evil, but we will get to it when i beat it lol.



2) The Soul of the Phoenix


So this is the second boss I'm featuring here, but certainly not the second boss you can fight. You have up to 3-4 options after the first boss.

She is really fast! You can parry her, but i was a glass cannon and was too scared to try. I landed it once and felt bad ass, but that's about it. Like the previous boss, try to bait her to jump or throw her dual scythes. Then go in behind her and attack.

Of course you can make things go faster by using abilities which does stun her. And you can shoot your arrows while she spins to do additional damage too.

During phase 2 she goes atomic and gets blue flares. She is much faster and her attacks do more damage along with when she spins in the middle will shoot fireballs at you. Run to the side and roll at the right time to dodge these.

The rest it pretty much the same as phase 1.



3) Forgotten Gaian


So this was the first boss to make me rage a bit. I would say probably one of the more annoying ones. Reason being you will have to fight both the giant and Ione at the same time after a couple phases and things get rough if you are doing low damage or have low health.

The fight starts with the Gaian (giant), who can kick, stomp, and smash his sword on the floor. Dodging these are incredibly simple and you can counter him with you own flurry of attacks. Be mindful that his attacks to pack a wallop.

When you drain the health of his foot, he will kneel down and Ione will come down to fight you. She fights just like the last time you fought her (in a miniboss battle).

The problem with this lady is the hitbox. She has phantom range on that halberd and that becomes the huge threat in the fight. Thankfully, if you can walk left and right in the room she will do her lunging and jump smash attacks which will give you a significant window to hurt her. After say 40% of her health bar goes down, the fight become more complicated. Both Ione and the Gaian will simultaneously attack you, so yea.

The best way to deal with this is to move Ione to the other side of the room and come back to deal damage to the Gaian. This will fill your soul energy and you can use your special attacks on Ione to stun her.

The tough part is keeping track of both of them. You can parry Ione, but the parry seems a bit unreliable as you are not invulnerable when you do land the parry. So be careful when going for it.



4) Dark Knight


All right so time to talk about this boss, The Dark Knight.

Looks really cool imo, but is nasty to fight. This boss has numerous attacks.

He can lunge at you, spin around and slash you, and does this move which attacks both in front and behind him. He can also summon a red blob which will poison you if it touches you. You can block most of his attacks, but if you get guard broken you're in a for a rough time. There is one other attack where he turns into this dark creature and tries to bite you. You can either dodge roll or block this attack.

The best advice i can give is to stay close to him. As in Superimpose Sorun with the boss and spam attacks alternating left and right. The reason being most of the Dark Knight's attacks whiff you when you are directly beside him. If you move a bit in front or behind him, then his attacks connect on your body. Another thing you can do is to wait till he finished his attack animation and go in there to attack him a couple times.

Now i am not sure how to deal with the blob myself. I just defend against the blob and i don't take damage but get poisoned. I would say bring a ton of dragon berries to protect your self from poison.

In phase two he starts glowing purple and has one extra attack, which is turning into a bigger creature and trying to bite you. Again you can block this attack. Just make sure to roll away from the follow up attack.

The only thing about this phase is that he becomes faster, and if his attacks connect on you, then your character becomes slower. So be careful.

Now the kicker. If you haven't destroyed the 4 specters outside the boss battle area, then they get summoned in this fight by the Dark Knight when his health reaches 0. They will fully heal him. So make sure to go around looking for these specters who shoot green projectiles. Throw a sun stone at them to be able to hit them and then kill them. Once you kill all 4 of them, they won't respawn and you can kill the Dark Knight without having him heal.

I was streaming and had a nice little surprise where he healed to full health and i almost broke my controller lol. So make sure to kill the specters first!



5) The Bulwark of Aldwynn


This boss is tanky! Super tanky. You cannot hope to stagger him like other bosses. Certain weapons like the greatsword, and spear can stagger and stun certain bosses in repeated combos. This is not one of those bosses.

The Bulwark has several ranged and close combat abilities making him a huge threat.

He usually does his 3 hit slash combo which can hurt from his back side so try to time your dodges well. He also can do this thrust move that also shocks you with lightning. Trying to run or roll away from him seems to always get you grabbed, so try to roll towards the boss to dodge it. He can also summon lightning from the sky to hit you so dodge it or keep running left and right.

This is a boss that has enemy spawns and is indicated by a timer on the bottom so keep that in mind.

Once you hurt him enough to push the fight to phase 2, he will stop moving and the spirit inside the armor will come out. This spirit starts charging to unleash an energy field that damages you. Since the boss is pretty much immobile, you have some free time to go around killing the reinforcements and also making sure to heal.

You need to drain the health bar of the spirit to enter the next part of the fight. I would suggest you try to damage the boss with an elemental attack like fire or bleed to drain the boss's health bar while this spirit is out and about. This way you get some free damage on the boss's overall health bar.

Once the spirit's health bar goes down, you enter the next phase where the boss will summon 3 floating lightning orbs around him. These have health bars so you can destroy them. But don't waste your time as he respawns them almost immediately.

He can also do a downward lightning smash with his sword so try rolling behind him for that attack and punish him.

Other than that, the rest of the fight is similar to the initial phases, except for the added attacks and floating orbs. He will summon his spirit one more time and after that he gets a bit faster.

The problem honestly with this fight is that you get targeted by literally everything in the room. Not much breathing space, so you will need to find a way to take out the smaller enemy threats quickly and also keep track of the Bulwark's multiple attacks.

Once you beat him, you get his shield which is pretty good imo.



6) Tundra Lord Kaern


So this is one of the more interesting bosses to fight. Kaern's battlefield is a balancing beam. Meaning too much weight on one side can tilt the beam one way and you will fall to your death.

Surprisingly enough this boss is simple. He has 3 attacks in the first phase. He can charge at your with a flurry of attacks, which you can dodge roll through. He can summon ice projectiles, and can also jump in the air to smash the ground. The ground pound will send shockwaves which you can jump over.

Once you get his health down a bit he will jump to the background of the battlefield and will send ice pillar at you. These pillars will shift the balance of the beam so make sure to destroy the quick.

After this phase he will come back to the field and you can continue just as the previous phase. He will jump out of the field and send pillars at you one more time.

After you get his health to around 20% left, he will float in the sky and drop ice on you. This is the most simplest phase imo, as you can just stay underneath him and jump attack to death.

Not a tough boss, but tricky because of the whole balancing the battlefield thing



7) Origa


This is probably my favourite fight in the game. It's basically two glass cannons going at each other. Origa also has a sniper rifle. How come we don't get one lol.

Either way you want to jump a lot in this fight which throws her aim off. She's got 4 shots before she reloads so keep jumping till she has to reload or chase her down.

Be careful as she can pull out her dagger and slash you with it with quick running swipes. Just step away for a second to let her animation finish and you get an opening to hurt her.

Once you drain her health a bit she will jump into the background and will try to snipe you. The goal here is to hide behind statues and see if the laser pointer on her gun bounces off the wall behind you which will give the red glow behind the wall. This means you are safe from her hit, you want to stay away from her hits as they are painful.

After 4 shots she will come down. There will be a glow either left or right of the screen signifying where she will land.

Rinse and repeat till you kill her. She can summon a drone later in the fight that will strike you from the air so watch out for that, and she can heal herself. This can be prevented by relentlessly attacking her.

She honestly has the least amount of health out of all the bosses. So it should be no problem.



8) Bysurge the Lightning Lurker


So this has to be one of my least favourite bosses. The only reason being Bysurge is relentless and never stops attacking. Whether it is enemy adds, or he goes on a rampage, or his stupid chain lightning move. It's just too much.

I barely made it through.

So the first thing you need to know about this fight is that there are polarity changes that occur every few seconds. You're either positively or negatively charged. If it's too hard to keep in mind, just be the opposite color that Bysurge is and you will do more damage. But you also take more damage. So yea be extra careful.

You can pretty much wait for him to slash twice and do a lighting smash attack. After this you can go in there and get a couple hits. Not much else you can do as he recovers insanely quickly. He will do the lightning chain attack that continuously hits you. This is the one move i could never dodge or do anything about. I just ended up blocking it or tanking the hit while damaging him.

Lastly when he changes polarity he can summon lightning all over the field so make sure to dodge that before attempting to attack him.

Other than that, he will summon a couple enemies throughout the fight. Easy to take out but they release a lightning charge upon death so be mindful of that too!



9) Eldritch Inquisitor


So this boss will be a problem for people who are glass cannons. As the boss has many many enemies to contend with.

The fight starts with the boss upstairs and safe from your melee attacks. You can shoot her with arrows, but if the blood rises to 100% you will die. So focus on taking out the enemies first lol.

There are 4 red floating orbs. Everytime you destroy these orbs, an enemy will spawn and shoot different projectiles at you. All the while the boss will spam projectiles as well. The goal is to kill this enemy that spawns before the blood fills up to 100%. Once you destroy the 4 red orbs and the summoned enemies, the boss will come down to fight you.

She actually doesn't do much. She summons enemies to fight for her and will spam all the projectiles you have come up against throughout the fight. Just move left and right to dodge the enemies and projectiles. Take the enemies out and then focus on the boss.

Once she is on the ground the fight is actually much more simple as you have the potential to stun lock her with special moves.

Just be careful of the red blobs that can build up your poison meter. They are the sneaky part about this fight as they blend so perfectly with the blood on the floor.



10) Galaxy Mage Amulvaro


A fight to the death with a mage in space? Yea this one was interesting lol. This is a tough fight. The mage has a ton of damaging moves and what makes it worse is that he recovers pretty quickly.

Also this has verticality to it, meaning you can jump from one plane to another. Use this to you advantage by jumping up when he zip through.

During phase one he will swing is his 4 times, which can be dodged or blocked. He will zip left and right twice. You can dodge through or jump up to another plane. He can also swing his sword and shoot out 3 waves. Again dodge away, but do not get behind him because the hitbox covers behind him.

After you lower his health to around 70% left, he will summon lasers. Just go to the right or left corner and dodge roll through them.

Once phase two starts Amulvaro will zip left and right 4 times, and also swing his sword 6 times. He can also summon 4 orbs which will create blue streaks around the map. Touching these streaks will hurt you. So destroy them.

He can summon projectiles that explodes into smaller ones. But only happens when he comes back from the laser spin.

You can hurt him when he finishes his attacks, and also use crystal bombs to stun him, If you have arrows that do bleed or burn, use it to stack damage as well!



11) Cusith


So if you are a mage, you are golden for this fight. Unless your melee weapons do incredible damage, you are looking at shooting your arrows like crazy in this fight.


Cusith is a giant horse that slowly walks towards you. It can spit lightning from it's mouth and can shock the entire ground. So ideally you'd want to stand on the platforms and not the ground when this happens.


It can also do a stomp attack that causes a shockwave. You can easily roll through it. The goal here is to try to apply either bleed or burn on the boss so it stacks over time while you are using your arrows to lower its health slowly. If you can apply both bleed and burn at the same time the boss will die even quicker.


Later on in the fight the lighting that Cusith spits will have after effect lighning orbs that scatter. So be careful of that. Other than that you are looking at a very long ranged battle.


Again if you are a mage, i hate you because this fight will be easy for you as you can spam magic at the boss.



12) Thalamus


Definitely the coolest looking boss in the game. The whole concept of the fight along with how the fight looks is incredible to say the least. The fight itself is not complicated nor is it hard.

The goal in this fight is to collect Hope points throughout the fight, while dodging his attacks.

The are several phases to the fight which get repeated. First he tries to move his palm up and down trying to force you into these purple energy balls which damage you significantly, so try to run to an empty spot or roll through them. Next he will summon a bunch of you as illusions and also shoot green projectiles from the air, Just dodge the projectiles till you can see an item on the floor. Collecting it will give you Hope points and will move the phase to the next one.

He then will summon these skeletal creatures which will hurt you by shooting laser beams. You can kill them quick before they damage you. Next he will place you in the middle of a platform and push you on either ends. Try to stay in the middle till the item appears at which point you can collect it. He can also split the screen into multiple parts and the area that is red will cause damage to you so move to a safe spot.

He can also shoot purple projectiles in the form of rain towards you from the rop. Run left and right to dodge them. Lastly he will summon a bunch of items with different descriptions like, agony, despair, confidence, etc. Choose the option that is optimistic. Choosing pessimistic answers will damage you.

Once you go through these phases successfully a couple times an interactive cutscene will play out where Sorun has to investigate the glowing object in his dream like state. Once you get out of this cutscene Thalamus will be damaged and will get faster with his attacks. Survive a couple more of these phases and the fight will just end.

Again you can physically hurt him, it's more a symbolism of Sorun overcoming the illusion that Thalamus traps Sorun in.



13) Final Boss | Endless


So after all that we go through in the game we finally make it to Endless who we all knew was going to be at this point.

This fight is separated into multiple phases.

It starts with her attacking you in the citadel itself after the long conversation. She can do a couple slashes, do a dashing poke, and can teleport slam you, as well as do this spinning attack.

All attacks can be dodged. You can also parry her but i suggest not to as if you miss you will take some serious punishment. Once you drain her health bar, you will get another cutscene and move to the roof of the citadel, where the next phase of the fight begins. It needs to be mentioned that if you die after beating her first phase you won't have to repeat that phase, however the next few phases need to be done in succession to win the fight.

She now can do all the aforementioned attacks as well as shoot projectiles at you. Nothing new in this fight other than she does more teleport attacks and dashing pokes.

Once you drain her health bar again she you will be treated to another small cutscene and now there will be 3 different Endless bosses in the battlefield.

The way this fight works is that each of the 3 different Endless bosses have a different element associated with them. To the left we have Endless Sadness which has the lightning ability that the Bulwark had. The middle one is Endless Fear which has the dark orbs that the Dark Knight spawns in Heroic fights. Lastly the one to the right is Endless Rage which has fire orbs coming from either ends just like the Phoenix does.

Regardless of which one you choose to fight first, it really doesn't matter as they all will need to be beaten one after the other in order to end the fight. Imo Endless Fear is the hardest because she will summon multiple dark orbs and if you don't destroy them in time they deal 800 damage and most times will one shot you. i suggest taking that one out first.

She will fight just like she always has, but will have lightning, dark orbs, and fire orbs when fighting her respective counterparts.

Once you kill all 3 personas of Endless, the fight will end and you will get a choice to leave and continue your fight against the immortals or you can jump and attack the golden orb which will end the game and give you the ending.



Ok there it is, all boss fight on normal mode done. I explained to the best of my ability. I tried my best to use weapons that are readily available so everyone can use my tactics, but i know there are cheese methods such as bombs and the stupid gun which trivializes things. Also that stupid glitch that gives you infinite health....smh.


Good luck to you guys regardless of how you approach these fights!

Now i'm off to playing other games till this game gets patched because platinum is unobtainable atm



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