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Is it the hard difficulty really hard??


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I have not done this particular game (hard to find over here) but did play F1 2010, F1 2011, F1 2012 and F1 2013. If this is your first F1 game on PS3 it may take a little getting used to because the steering in these titles is a lot more direct than you are probably used to from other racing games. It is as close to a sim as you can probably get on a console and F1 cars are tough cookies. Having said that, I find these games immensely enjoyable for that exact reason. They mostly work fine with a controller and although I have a racing wheel too I rarely use it anymore.


You will need to learn when to use DRS and KERS of course but that will come in time.

Don't steer more than you absolutely need to. If you find yourself weaving across the track you need to steer less so be very gentle on the input. Driving then becomes easier and you will be faster.


Best thing to do is probably just head out onto the proving grounds to learn the tracks and cars. Every F1 game on PS3 plays a little different so even though I have done quite a lot of simracing in my life I always need a little time to adapt to every game. So if you don't get it right at first that is completely normal, just keep trying and you will get a feel for it soon enough. Have fun!


And if you don't like it send me the game ?


Edit: I bought the game in a sale on PSN since this post and have already platted it. The game is a lot of fun, they really nailed the handling on this one. It's the easiest of the F1 games on PS3 IMO. The time attacks are more relaxed than in any of the other games (I got gold on either the 1st or 2nd lap each time), you can do all seasons on easy, no single player or online grind (you do not even need drivers championship in co-op, only constructors) and still plenty of action on the servers for completing 50 online races without boosting. So yes, very easy. Which should also explain this being the only non-UR F1 plat on PS3.

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