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Tip for "Barnstormer" from Porsche Pack, dead easy and good farming


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The gauntlet racing event "Barnstormer" from the Porsche Pack can be made a joke. At start go immediately to oncoming and stay near the right concrete blocks. Immediately after the Lamborghini cop introduction just instant wreck the cop car, use the nitro you should already have to help. Return to your lane, and after the tunnel stay on the right near the concrete blocks and after two separations the next cop will be just in a nice spot just outside the rightmost lane also to be crushed before any possible move. As a bonus no helicopter, and you can just zip along to the finish line, you can shave 20 secs to the time limit easily.


Gold will give 10.000 bounty, plus around 1.000 of driving skills, and more 1.000 if you keep beating your record.



It would be a nice bonus like this on the races. On the "Fast Lane" the silver 911 withe red rims once it reaches the mountain it just goes away and it's impossible to catch again (I managed this one already, with some luck). The other race has 3 zippy bastards, instead of 1. Stupid AI, the people who designed and coded this game are incompetent morons.


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